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How much money can you earn by Digital Music Distribution?

How much can an artist expect to earn from a single sale or stream?

Artists will be making a lot more money from Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and if sale/stream numbers grow, its payouts will grow. So this article isn’t a claim that one service is better for artists than another.

However, the more you promote your music, the more your music will be streamed and the more you’ll be able to see in royalties. And, with Digtunes Pro Plan, you retain 100% of royalties you have earned from your original work. The only fees you will ever have to pay us will be your upfront fee mentioned in our Pricing section.

Below is the Actual report from 1st January 2017 to 31st December 2017 for one of the labels (Identity undisclosed coz of Privacy Policy). Compare yourself how much you can earn from platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Saavn etc. on the basis of 1 lakh streams or sold songs.

These numbers probably aren’t perfect, and the actual amount you earn from streaming sites can vary widely, but these figures can give you some insight into streaming outlets’ payout/stream.

It clearly indicates that you earn approximately:

$10 for 1000 streams on Tidal
$9 for 1000 streams on Napster
$6 for 1000 streams on iTunes
$6 for 1000 streams on Deezer
$5 for 1000 streams on Google Play
for 1000 streams on Spotify
$1 for 1000 Ad impression on Youtube
$0.2 for 1000 streams on Saavn

  • Revenue per 1000 Streams ($)

Music Streaming Rates 2018

Top 30 Streaming Services Compared 2016

The new YouTube subscription service numbers isolated here, they generate over 21% of all licensed audio streams, but less than 4% of revenue! By comparison, Apple Music generates 7% of all streams and 13% of revenue.

Speaking of Apple, they sit in the sweet spot, generating the second largest amount of streaming revenue with a per-stream rate.00735, nearly double what Spotify is paying. But, Spotify has a near monopoly on streaming market share dominating 63% of all streams and 69% of all streaming revenue. The top 10 streamers account for 99% of all streaming revenue. (Source The Trichordist )

Who Pays More?

Every streaming service has a piece of data that would allow artists and labels to set a per-stream rate. Every on-demand streaming service, Apple, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play all know how many times a song is played (per person) on average over time. This is the data that is key to setting fair streaming rates. (Source The Trichordist )

[NOTE: All of the data above is aggregated. In all cases, the total amount of revenue is divided by the total number of the streams per service  (ex: $5,210 / 1,000,000 = .00521 per stream). In cases where there are multiple tiers and pricing structures (like Spotify), these are all summed together and divided to create an averaged, single rate per play.]

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