What expenses does Digitunes deduct before paying me?

DigiTunes does not deduct anything. However, our partners do. The best way we can answer this is to give you an example. A typical single will sell on iTunes in the United States for 99 cents (selling price will vary from retailer to retailer). Out of that 99 cents, iTunes takes 29 cents, leaving 70 cents. Our global distribution partner (Interscope/UMG Digital Music Channel) takes 10 percent of the remaining 70 cents (7 cents) leaving a net royalty of 63 cents that is sent to DigiTunes.

We forward 100 percent of all collected royalties that are sent to us on to our indie label partners and artists, meaning in the above example, you receive the full 63 cents. You always keep 100 percent of the rights to your music and DigiTunes never keeps one penny of your royalties collected.

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