Am I guaranteed to be on every partner platforms/stores?

Every partner we work with is different. Some need to approve your music before they add it to their store or streaming platform and others aren’t really streaming providers or stores but rather, work like radio stations and focus on being curated experiences. A curated experience means that we’ll deliver content and their team, whether it be human or algorithmic will preview and decide if the content will make it onto their platform. At DigiTunes we will work towards pitching your material to these platforms but ultimately it is up to them to get your material onto their platform. Genre-specific sites will only post music in their respective genre.  For example, a site that specializes in Country Music would not post Classical or Heavy Metal music on its site.  And there are a few retailers, such as Beatport, that do make the final decision regarding which projects they make available for sale.  However, rest assured that your music will be available on all major, non-genre-specific sites (such as iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, Saavn, Google Play etc.). Click Here for a complete list of Distribution Platform & territories.

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