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How to sell music online?

Sell music

The following tips will help you sell your music online in an easy way while also having a stronger online presence.

  1. Sell through your website because this is the easiest way to tell your fans about your music, if you have an album, you should have a way to purchase your album on your site.
  2. Have pre-orders even though it won’t increase sales. However, fans will like having music by their favorite artists that haven’t been officially released with. You can sell them directly through their website or even on iTunes.
  3. Digital bundles will be useful if you have more than one product. You will ultimately sell more of your music and have more income. You can sell digital bundles with physical merchandise.
  4. YouTube may not seem ideal when selling music but it will be great when promoting on where to get it. You can insert a link to your single or album under the video, this way it will encourage people to buy that specific song
  5. Newsletters are great for promoting all your upcoming shows and great in marketing yourself. You can always include links on where to get your music from there so don’t take those for granted.

There are some factors to consider with your music before releasing it out to the public:

  • Your sound quality is important so make sure you listen on multiple platforms
  • Make sure your source files are uploaded in high quality versions
  • Make sure your cover art is formatted correctly and also get licenses for cover songs

You want have to great quality music and find the easiest way to distribute it while also increasing your income. Keep these tips in mind the next time you are finalizing your music to release.

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