Running a WhatsApp campaign ensure you to get 10 times more leads compares to other types of
lead generation products like TV Ads, Radio, Emailers, Voice Call, NewsPaper Ads & Hoardings.

WhatsApp Features

100% Delivery Ratio

ou can be 100% assured about the quality of service by our Team. WhatsApp credit deducted only for delivered messages, Only to WhatsApp Numbers, No Duplicate numbers, No Out of Service Numbers.

Multiple Formats

A Single WhatsApp Credit has Text (1500 characters), Single Image, One Video, One Business cards, One Audio Files & One PDF Document.

Huge Database List

We have huge, genuine and tested database across India City wise, State wise, Age groups, Gender wise, Pin code wise, Annual Income, Students and much more. Click to know Complete List of Database. Click Here to Check our Database list.

Quick & Reliable

We let you broadcast messages to your target audience within minutes. Broadcast the message via WhatsApp and get more potential buyers. We can send up to 20 Lac messages in a day.

Data Filtering

You needn’t worry about DND phone numbers. With WhatsApp, you can even contact those who are on that list. That means, creating a customer outreach without fearing message spam is now possible with WhatsApp.

Campaign Tracking

Through tracking URL you will get to know the status of your WhatsApp campaign in real time. Save money by sending a relevant campaign to target audience only.

Why you should avail WhatsApp Marketing Service?

There are multiple valid reasons why we recommend clients to avail WhatsApp Marketing against another traditional mode of marketing solutions. Below are a few key points hope you would be able to relate to these more effectively

  • Conveying information via Image or Video is 10 times more effective than just text words.
  • Send WhatsApp campaigns to ensure you get 10 times more attention of prospect lead compares to other types of lead generation products like TV Ads, Radio Ads, Email Ads, Voice Call Ads, Paper Ads & Holdings.
  • Running WhatsApp Campaign is very low cost and effective.
  • If a number is active on WhatsApp you can be sure that he/she would see your campaigns.
  • If an end-user cannot afford a smartphone and is not having WhatsApp enabled phone. Definitely, he is not worth to be called as prospect lead.
  • Save money by sending the relevant campaign to target audience then broadcasting in mass without knowing campaign outcome. Most of the other means of lead generation service are time-dependent.
  • In limited time and efforts, you could reach the target audience easily.
  • It’s easy to run campaigns and you get campaign summary report online.