Digitunes Media LLP is a Digital Music Distribution, Aggregation and Marketing company offering Artist, Musicians, Independent Music Producers, Film Makers, everything they need to sell, manage and monetise their music online. Run by a team of passionate people, we do the hard work so that you can concentrate on what’s important to you: making music!

Brief History

As Music industry suffered a slowdown in last few years, whereas labels were suffering, musicians suffered even more. In the music industry, musicians are not the “customer” of the label, they are the “supplier”.  And in times of economic duress, companies exploited their suppliers to reduce costs. In last few years, Labels started asking a huge amount of money from Musician/artist/Producer to release their music under their name. Even after paying money to labels on the name of marketing, Musician/Artist/Producer has to give complete rights and royalties to labels and they left with nothing in their hands. Only the label makes money.

As per the reports from IFPI 2016-2017, the music industry is zooming ahead in terms of digital downloads and streams and India got 21% jump in the music sales Revenue.

And that’s where DigiTunes was born, a company which takes a personal and professional interest in making it easier for Independent Musician/Artist/Producers to get your music heard and bought directly without going through harassment of Big Labels. You are now 100% owner of your copyrights and sales revenue.

We distribute your music to the world’s leading digital platforms e.g., iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and 100 more platforms.( See a complete list here )- the download stores that mean business and sales. We help you set up your own label the way you want.

We allow filmmakers to choose distribution platform, territories & launch date. We charge one low flat fee allowing content owners keep 100% of their revenue and ownership.

Our Principles

Full Support

Digitunes believes in supporting independent artists & labels the best way we can. we are always available for our artists via phone, email & chat.

Affordable to all

We believe all artists, from emerging to established, should have affordable and equal access to all channels of music and video distribution.

100% ownership & sales

When you join Digitunes, you keep 100% of your master recording ownership, copyrights, and sales revenue


At Digitunes, we like to keep things simple and transparent in terms of distribution, reports & payments.
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