We want you to be satisfied with any product you buy from us, period. We achieve this by providing complete information of our products so that you can “know before you buy.” Because of our “know it before you buy it” approach, we generally don’t offer refunds for our products and services once you have known & purchased and elected to continue with the product (since you already know it and decided to buy it).

Refund Policy FAQ

If I forget to cancel before my renewal date, can I get a refund?

No. Whenever possible, we offer free trials to ensure that the service is something you want before you make the first payment. We send out a reminder message to the user’s DigiTunes Account 15 days prior to the expiration of the free trial period and the first actual charge.

What happens if I have charges on my account I did not authorize?

If we receive an “unauthorized charge” notice from you or your financial institution, we will attempt to take action to suspend your account for your protection from further fraudulent charges or access — including the suspension of widgets, apps, profile pages, and any other public-facing presentation that we can affect. If we get notice that your account has been compromised, we will do what we can to suspend it immediately. This process can take time, so we ask that you bear with us in these circumstances as we try to help you. For questions regarding our Refund Policy or the Terms and Conditions for our site and services, please contact support@digitunes.in.