What is Youtube Music Content ID?

YouTube Content ID is a service that gets you paid when other people use your music in their youtube videos.

Here’s how it works:

  • First, opt-into YouTube Content ID in the Digitunes’ Song upload form.
  • Once you’ve opted in, Digitunes will add your music to YouTube’s ContentID database. This is YouTube’s system that’s able to identify when your music appears in any YouTube video. Here’s a video that explains ContentID.
  • When YouTube detects your music in a video, monetization (ads) will be turned on for that video. If there is a text or banner ad on the YouTube video with your music in it and the watcher clicks on the text or banner, or if there is a commercial before or after the video and the watcher watches up to 30 seconds or the entire commercial, ad revenue is collected.
  • The ad revenue (minus 30%) will go to you, instead of the person who uploaded the video. These earnings will be shown on your Digitunes Account Funds tab.

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